About Us

Hello! We are a group of skilled developers and programmers.

meet your personal team of nerds!

We are a group of people all over the world who specialize in hiding behind a computer all day (some more than others). Come see the personal side behind ADVNTRE!

Why We Exist

ADVNTRE is run by a group of people who decided to quit their day jobs and start a business that not only gives them the flexibility to explore the world but also the opportunity to use their talents to create amazing digital work for a lower cost for our clients.

The name ADVNTRE was chosen because it has a dual meaning for the team that works here.

(ad) An abbreviation for  advertisement. (venture) a business enterprise, a daring journey

Adventure – what our team aims to do every day! Whether it’s our new working envronments,

Meet The Founders

Rory Syms
Rory SymsCEO | Media Expert
Rory started learning media work back when he was a wee teen. He has a goal of making everyone smile, a conversation with him won’t go without a joke or two. The amount of dad jokes is surprising for someone without kids.
Luvella Acielo
Luvella AcieloHead of Everything
Luvella is new to the media world, but has an amazing passion for people. She can understand the needs of both our clients and team, and knows how to make everything function just the way it should. Not enough can be said.
Donna Saguirre
Donna SaguirreContent Producer
If you have a blog, social media page, gallery, or anything else on your site. Donna is the girl that makes that work! She is the absolute backbone of ADVNTRE, and we would not be the company we would be without her constant effort.

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