ADVNTRE Privacy Policy

Data Collection and Usage: ADVNTRE is committed to protecting the privacy of our clients and their customers. We may collect personal information ranging from names and addresses to more sensitive data such as social security numbers, strictly on behalf of our clients. This data is collected exclusively via submission through forms hosted by ADVNTRE or our clients’ websites.

The information collected is utilized for analytical and marketing purposes, allowing us to provide tailored services and enhanced user experiences. It is also used for the purpose of targeted advertising in collaboration with platforms like Google and Meta.

Third-Party Sharing: We partner with reputable advertising platforms to leverage the data for marketing efforts, which means your information may be shared with Google or Meta groups. Be assured that this is done with the utmost respect for your privacy and within the bounds of applicable laws and regulations.

Data Storage and Security: Any data that is stored is secured using Jotform’s HIPAA-level security measures, ensuring compliance with the highest standards of data protection. ADVNTRE does not typically store personal data, but when it does, we ensure it is protected against unauthorized access and breaches.

User Rights and Questions: If you have submitted personal information via a form and have questions about how your data is being used or stored, please direct your inquiries to the specific client you submitted your information through. ADVNTRE acts only as a processor on behalf of our clients, and thus, the client holds the responsibility for addressing your data privacy concerns.

Policy Changes: Any changes to this privacy policy will be communicated and facilitated through our clients. It is our clients’ obligation to inform their users of any updates to the data handling practices.

Compliance and Contact: ADVNTRE operates in compliance with applicable data protection laws and is dedicated to upholding the principles of data privacy. This policy reflects our commitment to safeguarding our clients’ and their customers’ personal information.